Poet Theo Dorgan launching Gombeens at the Gate. Last night, my co-author and friend Jim Kennelly and I launched our latest book Gombeens at the Gate: Renewing the Rising through Ideals, Character and Place. Gombeens at the Gate delves into the Rising and the Irish Revival that preceded and inspired it. Ireland today, although quick to pay lip service to 1916, is sadly lacking in idealism and character. We are stumbling along with […]

Book Launch ‘Gombeens at the Gate’

Recently I came across Maria Popova’s blog and her collection of Leo Tolstoy’s quotes from his book, A Calendar of Wisdom. In the Calendar, first published in 1904, Tolstoy [1828-1910] set out to compile “a wise thought for every day of the year, from the greatest philosophers of all times and all people.” Here are some great ones I’d like to share on wisdom, knowledge (and ignorance!), learning and the […]

Tolstoy on knowledge and meaning of life