Sense of Place

  Poet Theo Dorgan launching Gombeens at the Gate. Last night, my co-author and friend Jim Kennelly and I launched our latest book Gombeens at the Gate: Renewing the Rising through Ideals, Character and Place. Gombeens at the Gate delves into the Rising and the Irish Revival that preceded and inspired it. Ireland today, although quick to pay lip service to 1916, is sadly lacking in idealism and character. We are stumbling along with […]

Book Launch ‘Gombeens at the Gate’

Thíos tá agallamh raidió déanta ar Raidió na Life i mí Bealtaine 2016, cúpla lá roimh sheoladh mo leabhar nua Gombeens at the Gate. Is agallaimh deich noiméad atá i gceist. Below is a ten minute radio interview in Irish I did with Raidió na Life ahead of the launch of my book Gombeens at the Gate in May 2016.. Raidio na Life is Dublin’s Irish language community radio station […]

Agallamh – Raidió na Life Gombeens at the Gate 10/5/2016

The word ‘gombeen’ is the anglicised version of the Irish word ‘gaimbín’. The gombeen man is a despised figure in Irish history. It usually referred to shopkeepers who exploited their rural customers through extending credit at usurious rates to people in need. Over time however, the expression gombeen – in Ireland at least – has come to describe the activities of anyone who pursues personal gain (usually financial)  by dubious means. In the book, we […]

Gombeens at the Gate – the book title explained